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Hands-On Tools Promote Family Engagement and Improve Student Outcomes!

Learning at Home Math & Literacy Kits

Reinforce key, grade-level math & literacy concepts with hands-on manipulatives and activities

Surround students with support both at school and at home.

A home-to-school partnership is crucial for student achievement. It's important for schools to provide materials that are easy to implement and can fit the diverse needs of each family.  Our solutions are a screen-free way for families to stay involved with their student's education and be a contributor to their academic success.

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Learning at Home Math & Literacy Kits

Our Learning at Home Math & Literacy Kits provide fun, engaging practice that extends learning and makes understanding math and building literacy proficiency accessible for all students. Kits can be used to meet each individual child’s needs for on-level review, challenge, or remediation. Use the current grade level as a base and easily differentiate to meet a child’s needs by moving up or down a grade level as needed.

NEW! Learning at Home Math & Literacy Kits

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Numberblocks MathLink® Cubes Activity Sets

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Pawz, The Calming Pup

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Fall Webinar Series

August 4

Prioritizing SEL: Tips to Transition Students Back to School with Ease and Confidence 


September 1

Math is Everywhere: A Cross-Curricular Roadmap


October 6

A Dynamic Duo: Multisensory Literacy and the Science of Reading


November 3

Using Hands-On Tools to Monitor Progress and Assess Students in Math 


Mastering Manipulatives Miniseries

August 25

Mastering Manipulatives: Rekenreks


September 29

Mastering Manipulatives: Using a Build-A-Grid


October 27

Mastering Manipulatives: Tools to Teach Fractions


November 24

Mastering Manipulatives: Reading Rods®



STEM Lab & Classroom Makerspace Carts

Inspire the next generation of creators, innovators, and tinkerers

Foster creativity, innovation, and exploration

STEM is an integral part of our future, so teaching our future leaders about STEM concepts is paramount. Allow us to help you integrate STEM into your curriculum using real-world activities that teach STEM principles through hands-on discovery.

STEM Lab Makerspace Carts

Foster creativity and innovation with engineering concepts using our new Makerspace Carts. They’re an affordable, fully loaded, turnkey makerspace solution for classrooms, STEM labs, and libraries.

Ultimate Inventor Toolkits

Our age-appropriate Ultimate Inventor Toolkits encourage children to explore a wide variety of engineering concepts and solve real-world problems. The teacher-developed project guide and extensive supply of building materials provide hours of open-ended exploration. The reusable storage box can also be used to store a child’s creations.

NEW! Ultimate Inventor Toolkits


Practice Makes Perfect


Hands-on skills practice with a self-checking answer system

Skills Practice

For over 40 years, teachers have relied on VersaTiles for independent practice and for use in small groups, rotations, centers, and stations. VersaTiles provide an engaging, screen-free skill practice experience to help students build math and literacy proficiency in a challenging, rewarding way. These flexible, low-prep classroom solutions are aligned to state and national standards, so you can be confident your students are learning the right skills!

VersaTiles Classroom Kits


Intervention: Targeted Instruction to Help Students Who Are Struggling

Hands-On Standards® Math Intervention

Focuses on some of the most challenging topics and uses manipulatives, Unit Assessments, and a Progress Monitoring Tool to engage students who are struggling.

Intervention Resources

We have a great selection of math intervention tools that focus on some of the most difficult concepts. With only a few minutes a day, you can get students back on track. 

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About Intervention

Any student could need intervention. It's the teacher's responsibility to identify and actively work to close the gap so students can smoothly make connections to other concepts. Through intervention, students gain confidence and can begin to take responsibility for their own learning. Our solutions offer teachers multiple strategies with manipulatives support to help reach students at all levels.

Daily Math Fluency Intervention


Support Differentiated Instruction in Your Classroom

Differentiated Math and Literacy Centers

Easily incorporate differentiation into your classroom instruction

Everything You Need to Reach All Learners!

Differentiated Centers streamline the planning for centers rotations while also incorporating hands-on activities designed to reach students at all levels of learning. Each grade-level kit includes teacher notes, activity cards, and manipulatives needed to complete activities for multiple students.

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Differentiated Math and Literacy Centers


Use Your Stimulus Funding to Accelerate Learning!

Daily Math Fluency Kits

Build math fluency through Math Talks & Number Strings

Accelerating Learning

We are here to help you get students back on track and make progress toward grade-level math and literacy standards through hands-on resources and activities.

Daily Math Fluency Kits and Hands-On Standards® solutions are perfect additions to your classroom to keep kids successful. These supplemental curriculum options come complete with plenty of activities and hands-on manipulatives to last the whole year!

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Resources to Keep Students Distanced

Individual Student Manipulative Kits, Grades 3-5

Extend hands-on math learning to the home.

Healthy Hands-On Learning

With ongoing COVID concerns, it is important to keep students socially distanced at school. We have the right tools to help keep your students safe while learning with hands-on manipulatives in the classroom. Individual Student Manipulative Kits are a great way to allow each student the hands-on tools they need to grasp key concepts while keeping germs away!

Social Distancing Supplies


Prepare Your Classroom For Social-Emotional Learning

Express Your Feelings Pocket Chart

Help identify & share emotions

Back to school with Social-Emotional Learning

The start of this school year may feel overwhelming to many students. We are here to make the experience a positive one with our easy-to-use, social-emotional learning resources.

About Social-Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process by which children and adults understand and manage emotions; set and achieve positive goals; learn, observe and model empathy; establish and maintain positive relationships; and make responsible decisions. Learning to manage feelings, respond positively to stressful situations, and get along with others is a vital part of childhood development. hand2mind creates social-emotional learning resources for teachers so they can bring highly interactive, hands-on tools to the classroom.

Other Social-Emotional Learning Products


Affordable and Convenient School Supply Kits!

We offer a one-stop shop for school supply kits, helping schools and districts make sure that all their students have the school supplies they need to succeed. Plus, we make back to school easy for parents by saving them a trip to the store. Our convenient, all-in-one solution provides high-quality products at a great value.