ETA hand2mind’s STEM in Action® Endorsed by Change the Equation

Rated Accomplished in STEMworks database

Vernon Hills, Illinois: hand2mind is proud to announce that STEM in Action is recognized as Accomplished in Change the Equation’s national STEMworks database – an honor roll of STEM programs that meet high standards for quality and impact.

STEM in Action is a supplemental, module-based curriculum for grades PreK-5 that inspires curiosity while nurturing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. STEM in Action uses the engineering design process as the core of each module and then seamlessly integrates science, technology, engineering, and literacy as students work to solve real-world problems.

Change the Equation classifies successful STEMworks programs into two groups:

  • Accomplished programs meet the highest bar for effectiveness, receiving top scores in almost every Principle.
  • Promising programs also meet a high bar but may still be developing in areas such as program evaluation or program partnerships.

Only 30% of STEMworks applicants are accepted into the database as either Accomplished or Promising programs.

Independent expert reviewers review every program in STEMworks against Change the Equation’s rigorous STEMworks Principles for Effective STEM Philanthropy. Change the Equation worked with leaders in corporate social responsibility to create these principles, which embody the most current research and expertise on what works in STEM learning. The principles measure programs against criteria such as their ability to meet a critical need, sustain their work, replicate themselves in new places, forge effective partnerships, and demonstrate their impact through rigorous evaluation.

In addition, programs in STEMworks must offer challenging STEM content, incorporate hands-on STEM practices, inspire interest in STEM, and address the needs of underrepresented youth such as females and minorities, who are less likely to pursue STEM fields.

About hand2mind
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About Change the Equation
Since 2010, Change the Equation, a CEO coalition, has worked to ensure all students are STEM literate by collaborating with schools, communities, and states to adopt and implement excellent STEM policies and programs. For more information visit

About STEMworks
STEMworks is a database of high-quality STEM education programs that have been independently vetted and cleared a very high bar for quality. Business leaders, funders and STEM advocates use STEMworks to find proven and highly-scalable STEM education programs to help them maximize their impact on STEM education. For more information, visit