ETA/Cuisenaire Rebranded as ETA hand2mind

Educational company's new name reflects its position as champion of hands-on learning

PHILADELPHIA, April 23, 2012 - Illinois-based ETA/Cuisenaire - the leader in hands-on solutions for P-12 mathematics, literacy, and science education - announced today that it is changing its company name to ETA hand2mind (

The announcement was made here by company President and CEO Jude Rake during the opening day of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) Annual Conference at the Pennsylvania Convention Center where ETA hand2mind is an exhibitor and NCSM sponsor.

"We want our name to resonate with educators the way our educational materials connect with teachers and students," Rake said. "The educational community is going through unprecedented change, and we think it's important to be really clear about our identity, our purpose, and how we help educators successfully navigate change."

"We believe that learning requires more than lecture and memorization because students learn best by doing," Rake continued. "To optimize learning, students need to experience it with hands-on learning solutions that range from curriculum-based manipulatives to engaging digital applications."

Since 1965, ETA hand2mind - with its headquarters in Vernon Hills, Ill. - has been known as ETA or ETA/Cuisenaire, and has received worldwide recognition for its unique hands-on, research-based teaching solutions and programs that fully engage students and elevate student achievement. The company's legacy is based in educational manipulatives, instructional curriculum, and learning kits. Its product line includes the popular VersaTiles®, Reading Rods®, Home Team Advantage®, Hands-On Standards®, Deluxe Edition, Paths to Problem Solving®, The Super Source®, and many more.

In 2000, ETA acquired its longtime competitor, The Cuisenaire Company of America, and changed its name to ETA/Cuisenaire.

"We want our name to resonate with educators the way our educational
materials connect with teachers and students."

- Jude Rake, President and CEO, ETA hand2mind

"Combining the ETA and Cuisenaire names was wise when we purchased Cuisenaire," Rake said. "But now that educators know we are one company, we felt we had an opportunity to be more telegraphic with our name. Our research revealed that the hand2mind name combined with our new tagline - hands-on learning for growing minds - better communicates the benefits we provide educators and students."

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About ETA hand2mind
ETA hand2mind's mission is to support P-12 educators and partners in its quest to inspire learning and champion learning-by-doing with research-based, proven hands-on solutions. The Vernon Hills, Ill.-based company's solutions in mathematics, science and literacy are unique in the marketplace, providing instructional curriculum, custom-kit solutions for content providers, manipulatives, interactive digital applications for education, and teacher coaching and development.