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hand2mind is the exclusive provider of LearnZillion Math Kits.

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics recommends the use of manipulatives in teaching mathematical concepts at every grade level. Manipulatives offer multiple visual representations of ideas, helping students to engage in doing, understanding, and modeling with mathematics. Working with manipulatives deepens conceptual understanding, adds meaning to procedural skills and fluency practice, and increases student ability to apply understanding to new problems as they make sense of them and persevere in solving them.

    Each classroom kit is designed
    for easy implementation.

    LearnZillion Math Manipulative Kits for grades K-5 supplement LearnZillion’s standards-aligned, task-based math lessons. Providing access to manipulatives and models increases student engagement in the language and communication of mathematical ideas.

    Classroom kits are packaged in durable plastic bins and contain materials for up to six groups of students. Individual manipulatives are also available for purchase.

    Three ways to purchase:

    1. Order pre-built LearnZillion Math Manipulative Kits (save 25%!)
    2. Select and order items from the components list
    3. Contact us about building a custom kit

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