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ETA hand2mind has innovative solutions to support Texas teachers and students

ETA hand2mind offers a number of innovative hands-on math and literacy supplemental programs that can help you meet TAKS objectives, improve your students' test scores, and help them become better readers. Listed below are just a few of the many dynamic programs we recommend.


We are the preferred provider of CSCOPE kits and supplemental supplies.

Hands-On Standards® Fractions

The hands-on fractions lessons in Hands-On Standards, Fractions were created with differentiated instruction in mind and is available aligned to TEKS.


Texas Math Correlations:

CenterStage Math Grades 1-4
CenterStage Math Grade 5
Hands-On Standards Grades PreK-2
Hands-On Standards Grades 3-6
Hands-On Standards Grades 7-8
The Super Source Grades K-2
The Super Source Grades 3-6
The Super Source Grades 7-8


Texas Reading Correlations:

CenterStage Literacy

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