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Research Background for hands-on manipulatives

Assisting Students Struggling with Mathematics: Response to Intervention (Rtl) for Elementary and Middle Schools

"...research shows that the systematic use of visual representations and manipulatives may lead to statistically significant or substantively important positives gain in math achievement. (pages 30-31)" Learn more.

Adding it up: Helping children learn mathematics

"The evidence indicates, in short, that manipulative s can provide valuable support for student learning when teachers interact over time with the students to help them build links between the object, the symbol, and the mathematical idea both represent. (Page 354) Learn more.

How teaching matters: Bringing the classroom back into discussions of teacher quality

...when students are exposed to hands-on learning on a weekly rather than a monthly basis, they prove to be 72% of a grade level ahead in mathematics." Learn more.

Build College and Career Readiness with Early, Integrated STEM

High quality STEM experiences in early education help children maintain interest in STEM and better prepare them for college and careers in STEM fields. Effective STEM curriculum resources are easy to implement, build teacher confidence, and engage teachers and children. Early studies show that research-based Hands-On Standards STEM in Action is effective. Learn more.

Why Teach Mathematics with Manipulatives?

An ETA hand2mind research summary. Learn more.

Background for Hands-On Mathematics

The hands-on approach to mathematics instruction is grounded in a long and extensive research history. This information sheet provides a brief annotated bibliography of key research reports and documents that provide the foundation for ETA hand2mind work. Learn more.

Algeblocks® Promote Algebraic Understanding

See how one California math professor used ETA hand2mind Algeblocks 3-D manipulatives to support student learning in his Algebra 1 classroom. From the concrete to the representational, and finally, to the abstract phase, Algeblocks contributed to an overall mean performance success rate of 97%, significantly higher than the state mean of 46%. And the best part is, the students had fun while learning! Learn more.

Academic Accolades

Rockford (IL) Students with Disabilities Achieve Success with Hands-On Learning

Rockford’s District 205 was looking for a more effective way to teach students with special needs and build their skills through familiar programs. Find out how ETA hand2mind partnered with them to successfully meet those very diverse needs. Learn more.

Rockford (IL) Partners with ETA hand2mind for Algebra Success

Rockford (IL) high schools faced a real challenge – their Algebra failure rates were the highest in the state. But with a coordinated Algebra program facilitated by ETA hand2mind, test results improved dramatically and even those students who didn't "get it" are now on board. Learn more.

Michigan's EUPISD Recognizes Success with Algeblocks

The introduction of Algeblocks from ETA hand2mind to the curriculum of Michigan's Easter Upper Peninsula Integrated School District has been successful on many levels. Most significantly, proficiency in Algebra among intermediate students has risen substantially and continues to rise. Learn more.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools Increases Test Scores

Not only did Summer School become new and exciting for elementary students in Anne Arundel County, MD, their math comprehension increased significantly due to the addition of Summer Stars Math, the fun, hands-on program from ETA hand2mind designed specifically for out-of-school time programs. Learn more.

Adams Elementary Demonstrates Writing Success

Learn about the significant change Adams Elementary School in Mesa, Arizona made in their writing instruction and the big gains they experienced in their state writing assessment scores. Learn more. 

Denver Public Schools Takes a Giant Step in Early Mathematics Instruction

Denver Public Schools recognized the need to create a bridge for students with special needs in order to smoothly and transparently transition them into their core mathematics program, Everyday Mathematics®. Using CitySteps® Math, students were able to access the curriculum and teachers had new ideas for authentically incorporating math across the curriculum. Learn more.

WorldScapes® Improves After-School Program

See how WorldScapes, the unique cross-cultural, cross-curricular leveled literacy series from ETA hand2mind, enhances and improves the after-school program at the YMCA Greater Tri-Valley, Inc., in New York, and learn how the right product in the right place can positively impact students' lives. Download the white paper.

Interactive Literacy

The Interactive Literacy approach to teaching is grounded in research that shows the use of hands-on instructional tools, like Reading Rods® , is highly effective in the classroom. Find out why in this informative research paper. View the research paper.

English-Spanish Glossary

This useful English-Spanish glossary is the perfect accompaniment to build dual-language skills with the InfoTrek® leveled literacy series. View the glossary.

InfoTrek® Correlations

Find out how the exclusive InfoTrek® literacy series links to scientifically based research recommendations for literacy instruction correlated to recommendations of the National Reading Panel. View now.

Reading Rods® Supports Best Practices

Here is one expert’s take on how Reading Rods® support best-practices for teaching alphabetic principle, phonemic awareness, and word structure. View now.

Reading Rods® Improving Test Scores

Find out all the details of this exclusive research project showing the positive effects of the use of Reading Rods® on literacy standardized test scores for Grades 1 and 2. Learn more.

Reading Rods® Phonics Alignment

The Alignment of K–3 Reading Rods® Phonics Program with the Report of the National Reading Panel and Put Reading First outlines how one approach to reading instruction works better than others. View now.

Literacy Model

This exclusive literacy model, developed by Patricia Cunningham and Dorothy Hall, details how incorporating different approaches to reading instruction will engage all types and levels of readers in your classroom. View now.

SunSprouts® Research

Find out how the SunSprouts® program links to the latest scientifically based research recommendations for effective literacy instruction. Learn more.

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