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By taking advantage of the billions of dollars available through federal, state and local funding initiatives, it is now possible to equip school program with effective materials that won’t break the budget. For over 40 years, hand2mind has been the leader in innovating hands-on learning solutions for P–12 educators and students that align with state and national standards. Contact hand2mind to understand what products meet your funding criteria today!


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Don’t have the resources to write a grant? We can help— contact your local educational consultant to find out more about funding opportunities.

Fact Sheets for Afterschool Funding

Funding sources for afterschool programs can be found at the federal, state and local levels from both public and private sources. These funding fact sheets describe a range of federal funding sources that can support afterschool programs. Learn more.

Guide to U.S. Department of Education Programs

This reference guide provides information for students, teachers, administrators, researchers and policymakers about the U.S. Department of Education's programs and resources made available to state and local education agencies, institutions of higher education, other postsecondary institutions, public and private nonprofit organizations, individuals and others for fiscal year 2007. Readers will find funding information, contact information, and a Web site for more information about each program. Learn more.

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