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Our classroom-tested, easy-to-use materials require virtually no prep time, increasing students' conceptual understanding without increasing teacher effort.

Together, let's change the way our students are being educated.

Goals of STEM Education

  • Increase the number of students who pursue careers and advanced degrees in STEM fields.
  • Expand the STEM-capable workforce and broaden the participation of women and minorities in that workforce.
  • Promote STEM literacy for all students, including those who do not pursue STEM-related careers or additional study in the STEM disciplines.

As early as second grade, students start stereotyping math as a boy's subject.

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littleBits Base Kit

Electrify your lessons! Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics educators

Zoomy™ Handheld Digital Microscope

All-in-one hand-held digital microscope

Renewable Energy Kit

Great indoor and outdoor activity to learn about the environment

Grade: 3-12


Grade: K-12


Grade: 3-8


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Give every student the opportunity to experience STEM in a meaningful way with integrated, student-directed learning. We believe we can bring STEM into every classroom using a proven, hands-on approach to learning. Explore our selection of materials and leave with practical tools for beginning STEM implementation in your classroom today.

To increase interest in STEM, students need positive STEM experiences at a young age.


Envision a future where every student realizes his or her
full potential to innovate our world

Why STEM is Essential

Children are unknowingly being turned off from key subjects by omission at an early age, leaving generations of students graduating largely unprepared for the workforce. Educators are left searching for solutions to make important foundational concepts real for children. ETA hand2mind sees this as a call to action to develop our future innovators and promote critical thinking, problem solving, deductive reasoning, and curiosity.

Research shows that by the time students reach 4th grade, 1/3 of students have lost interest in science

ETA hand2mind makes integrated STEM accessible to all teachers and fosters a love of science, math, and engineering at an early age. We have partnered with world-class institutions to offer effective products based on the latest research that develops students' critical thinking skills.

Our fully integrated STEM products and solutions harness the power of hands-on learning to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and problem solving.


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