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Expectations are rising for students and teachers alike. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) bring an unprecedented opportunity for the education community to work together to improve student learning.

Learning by doing is a fundamental part of CCSS, and building critical thinking skills gives hands-on resources a significant role in student success. Common Core is more than just content changes to the standards; it outlines a shift in the teaching of mathematics towards promoting deeper student understanding of key concepts.

Make Common Core Understandable, Relevant, and Actionable

Understand the Practices with Professional Development

Core PD: Understanding the Mathematical Practices Online or On Location Course helps teachers learn new discovery-based, hands-on instructional strategies aligned with CCSS that can be transferred to the classroom immediately. Learn more.

Build Your Plan

Build a plan designed just for your school or district by contacting an Educational Consultant. We can craft an action plan for CCSS implementation specific to your needs and budget.


Implement in the Classroom

Hands-On Standards®, Common Core Edition

Features standards-driven content and includes student activity pages that integrate the Mathematical Practices. Manipulative kits engage students with hands-on exploration Learn More

Drive Critical Thinking

Paths to Problem Solving® helps students “unpack” the meaning of a problem before solving it, allowing them to explore different paths to the correct answer.
Learn More

The Super Source® provides over 450 inquiry-based, classroom-tested lesson plans that incorporate manipulatives. Learn More

JUMP: Journals for Understanding the Mathematical Principles link students' writing activities to the Common Core Content Standards and academic vocabulary. Learn More

Common Core's Eureka Math Eureka Math is a comprehensive and rigorous CCSS-based curriculum organized by grade and module. Learn More

Correlate Your Existing Resources

Align your existing resources with an easy-to-use correlations search engine for hundreds of products. Learn more.

See how the Mathematical Practices are woven into lessons with easy-to-use visual correlations for popular products. Learn more.


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