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Target problem standards with new activities and lessons 

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Help students ‘make sense’ of the numbers and apply concepts to the real world with hands-on learning. Support teacher with easy-to-understand, step-by-step lessons (plus student pages!) - all organized by key concepts and target standards.

Hands-On Standards®

Build number sense at an affordable price

  • Support teachers with Resource Guides starting at $67.95
  • Add a Small-Group Kit with supporting manipulatives for 4 students for $99.95
  • Looking for enough resources for your entire classroom? Classroom kits serve 24 students and include a Teacher Resource Guide for $579.95
Hands-On Standards

Target a wide range of Math concepts.Grades K-8
Learn more and view samples
Hands-On Standards
Number & Operations

Concentrate on Number Sense.
Grades K-5  
Learn more and view samples
Hands-On Standards

Focus on Fractions.
Grades 3-5
Learn more and view samples 

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Activate your existing hands-on resources and manipulatives to address problem areas

Help teachers maximize the use of their existing manipulatives and hands-on resources. Discover new ways to use Base Ten Blocks, Cuisenaire Rods, Color Tiles, and more! Classroom-tested lessons provide classroom activities as well as individual and small group tasks that build the critical thinking skills needed for assessments.

The Super Source®

Maximize the value of your manipulatives.

  • Provide clear support with Teacher Resource Guides targeting specific manipulatives starting at $22.95
  • Provide manipulatives for up to 30 students with Classroom Manipulative Kits starting at $54.95
  • Grades K-8
Super Source Base Ten Blocks Super Source        
Base Ten Blocks Color Tiles Cuisenaire Rods Geoboards Pattern Blocks Snap Cubes Tangrams  


Provide easy-to-use resources to continue skill practice after school and at home

Give parents an easy way to support their child’s success with skills practice tools that align with core curriculum and standards. A parent letter, easy-to-follow tips, and activities give parents the tools to target key trouble areas.

Home Team Advantage®

Elevate student achievement by involving families.

  • Provide students - and parents - with Toolkits and Skill Reinforcement Packs starting at $27.95
  •  Grades K-8