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Manipulatives are hand held tools designed to provide a way for children to learn concepts in a developmentally appropriate, hands-on, and an experiencing way.

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Conversation Cues Card Deck: Around My School

Item IC60652

Build Oral Language Skills!. Use these colorful cards in a variety of literacy-building activities with- Emergent and early readers ELLs Students with limited English This Conversation Cues card deck includes 24 laminated cards and 1 Activity Card. Cards measure 3 1/4" x 4 3/4". Storage box measures 14 3/4" x 11 1/2" x 3 1/2". "Conversation Cues cards help reluctant students begin to participate in class and converse on topics. It has helped in the sharing of information; as a class, we begin to learn from each other and evolve into a learning community."-Regina Young, Literacy/Math Coach, Indianapolis, Indiana

$1.50 (Save 75%)
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The American Heritage Children's Dictionary

Item OV65109

More than 25,000 entries make this the most comprehensive and up-to-date children's dictionary available. Entries are defined in age-appropriate, contemporary language; more than 16,000 example sentences show words in context; and hundreds of other special features for developing reading and writing skills. Contemporary design includes 1,500 full-color photographs, illustrations, and diagrams to supplement word definitions. 896 pages. Grades 3–6.

$14.00 (Save 30%)
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The American Heritage Student Dictionary

Item OV65598

More than 65,000 word entries and 2,000 full-color illustrations! This dictionary is updated to include frequently occurring contemporary words, such as couscous, hijab, Hmong, and LCD, and reflects the latest developments in all areas of vocabulary. Hardcover, 8" x 10", 1,088 pages. Grades 6–9.

$14.00 (Save 30%)
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American Heritage Student Thesaurus

Item OV65599

With more than 70,000 synonyms for 6,000 main entries, this thesaurus provides clear example sentences for every entry. Word Group features discuss words that have no exact synonyms, such as artist, island, and geology. The new Tips for Writers section helps students turn good writing into even better writing. Hardcover, 8" x 10", 384 pages. Grades 7–10.

$12.00 (Save 37%)
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Reading Rods Readers Grammar Foundation Add-On Set

Item OV60287

Do you have students ready to take reading to the next levelTM To meet the needs of readers who are building critical literacy skills, we have developed Reading Rods Grammar Readers. These readers introduce grammar and writing, build fluency, and support reading comprehension. Target one grammar skill in each book, including nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, antonyms, synonyms, and more. For use with Reading Rods Sentence-Construction Kit. INCLUDES 15 titles, 16 pages each 1 Teacher's Resource Guide

$25.00 (Save 37%)
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Bar Magnets, Alnico 4"

Item OV21238

Powerful magnets that retain charges for extra-long periods of time! . Alnico magnets hold charges longer than steel magnets do. Includes 2 4" alnico bar magnets.

$9.00 (Save 25%)
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Giant Classroom Thermometer

Item OV444

Largest working thermometer available for class display! Wall-mounted thermometer has a 23" tube recessed in a wooden base. Shows both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales ranging from -40°F to 120°F and -40°C to 50°C. 30" tall.

$25.00 (Save 28%)
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Rulers, SAFE-T, Flat Flexible, 6"

Item IC75881

May be used for all other ruler activities. U.S. Standard inch and metric calibrations. Durable View-Thru SAFE-T Plastic. Set of 24.

$3.00 (Save 66%)
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Deluxe Hexagonal Mass Set

Item OV021270

Give your students the tools they need for their measurement studies!. Seven piece metal weight set includes: one 1000-g one 500-g one 200-g two 100-g two 50-g

$28.00 (Save 30%)
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Base Ten Starter Set, Transparent, Set of 31

Item IC5519

An excellent way to get started with Base Ten Blocks. Realistically proportioned transparent plastic pieces depict centimeter scoring of actual blocks. Two dimensional 31-piece set. INCLUDES 20 Units 10 Rods 1 Flat

$2.13 (Save 57%)
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The Things We Need Big Book

Item IC281188P

An illustrated poem and short story help students learn the concept of needs and wants. Both selections highlight the basic needs for food and water, shelter, clothing, and love and protection. Concept: Needs and Wants Text Type: 3rd person narrative/explanation; dialogue; rhyme

$7.82 (Save 73%)
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InfoTrek Social Studies: Moving Away

Item IC281246

Alex doesn't want to move to a new apartment because he will miss his best friend, Jamal, who lives across the hall. This book helps students learn basic knowledge about change. Word count: 140 Category: social studiesTMchange Text type: 3rd person narrative; dialogue 6-Pack includes 6 small books and Teacher's Notes.

$6.00 (Save 82%)
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We Treasure Our Rights Big Book

Item IC281288P

Students learn the concept of rights and responsibilities. Skills and strategies include demonstrating an understanding that people within groups have basic rights and responsibilities, and assume responsibility for their individual choices. Concept: Rights and Responsibilities Text Type: 3rd person narrative/explanation; dialogue; rhyme

$7.82 (Save 73%)
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Step Beyond Comprehension Grade 5 Classroom Package

Item IC33450

Create successful readers, writers, and communicators. Package includes enough materials for 24 students. INCLUDES 24 Activity Books - include 15 six-page units with text samples, writing projects, editing assignments, and performance suggestions 6 Martin's Junior Writer's Guides - provides tips for using reference materials and guidelines for gaining meaning and improving writing 1 Writing Prompt Picture Card Set - end visual support and inspire students to use their imagination as they write 1 Teacher Guide - contains easy-to-follow instructional guidance and a wide variety of assessment checklist

$90.00 (Save 82%)
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Attribute Links, Set of 40

Item IC34736C

Transform traditional attribute blocks into flexible manipulatives! This unique 40-piece set comes in four colors, and two sizes that link together to allow students to create 1-, 2-, and 3-difference chains. Other activities include counting, sorting, patterning, ordering, and graphing activities, as well as building Venn diagrams. INCLUDES 40 Attribute Links

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Good Connections for Testing

Item IC40005

Make the connection between math and reading with everyone's favorite children's books!. This incredible resource uses 18 popular children's books to maximize understanding in both mathematics and language arts. The 25 easy-to-implement lessons include hands-on activities and writing prompts to help your students improve their test scores. Includes scoring rubrics and 150 blackline masters. 354 pages. (Children's books not included.)

$22.00 (Save 37%)
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Carousel for Book Bins

Item IC401007

This carousel has slots for 7 small book bins (not included).

$28.50 (Save 50%)
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Stamps, Canadian Bills, Set of 4

Item IC41587

Teach money skills and Canadian bill recognition with these 4 stamps. INCLUDES 1 - 50 Canadian Bill Stamp 1 - 20 Canadian Bill Stamp 1 - 10 Canadian Bill Stamp 1 - 5 Canadian Bill Stamp

$7.75 (Save 51%)
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Magnetic Dry-Erase Blank Board 9 x 12, Set of 10

Item IC5529090

Durable write-on/wipe-off magetic surface. Use with dry-erase markers (not included). INCLUDES 10 Magnetic Dry-Erase Blank Boards, 9" x 12"

$14.00 (Save 72%)
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Base Ten Set, Transparent, Set of 52

Item IC5539

Share Base Ten Blocks with your entire class using your overhead!. Realistically proportioned transparent plastic pieces depict centimeter scoring of actual blocks. Two dimensional 52-piece set. INCLUDES 30 Units - represent ones 20 Rods - represent tens 2 Flats - represent hundreds

$2.09 (Save 70%)
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ABC Dry Erase Board, 12 x 16 Magnetic

Item IC60040

A versatile, multifaceted tool that belongs in your language arts classroom!. The perfect companion to use with all magnetic sets! Imprinted with a complete alphabet and writing line plus lots of workspace, this board will prove invaluable in your classroom for showing math concepts with both pictures and words.

$2.39 (Save 70%)
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Personal Pocket Charts with Activity Guide

Item IC60507

Engage students during whole-class, small-group, or one-on-one instruction as they work with their very own pocket charts. Use them with activities for sound sorting, syllable segmenting, spelling, and more! Chart is compact and can be conveniently stored in studentsTM desks. Includes Activity Guide. Measures 9" x 13 3/4". Grades K and up (Pocket chart cards not included).

$23.00 (Save 62%)
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Jumbo Uppercase Letters

Item IC6175B

Students will get excited about making words with these fun, colorful, oversized foam letters! They are great for demonstrating the difference between upper- and lowercase letters, matching letters, practicing alphabetic sequence, and more!

$2.69 (Save 70%)
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Readingpen Basic Edition

Item IC63525

Readingpen assists in the reding process. It features the American Heritage childrens dictionary with over 250 thousand entries. Readingpen Basic will speak, spell and recite the definitions of words scanned. Readingpen Basic is platform free and operates independently from the conputer.

$215.97 (Save 40%)
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