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Context Clues in Informational Text, Level 5

Focus strategy for comprehending informational text


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Item INP66788 | Grade 5
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Each pack provides multiple opportunities for students to practice using context clues. Engaging, self-correcting activities build skills and confidence.


  • Engages students with the challenge of a puzzle
  • Focuses on the use of context clues as a comprehension strategy for informational text
  • Targets clearly stated objectives
  • Provides flexible grouping opportunities: independent practice and work stations
  • Gives immediate feedback for self-checking


  • 20 Student activities on nonconsummable cards
  • 1 Self-correcting Answer Case
  • Teacher Note

Context Clues in Informational Text, Level 5
Area of Focus: Literacy
SubjectInformational Text(Literacy)
Product TypeVersaTiles® Informational Text Strategy Packs (Literacy)
Item #INP66788