Are you or one of your colleagues an exceptional K-8 STEM educator?

The Illinois Science Teacher’s Association (ISTA), with the generous support of ETA hand2mind, is pleased to offer the Illinois STEM Educator Award for a second year. The winners will be honored at the 2017 ISTA Conference, held at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb on October 27-28.

  • This award recognizes 2 educators – 1 elementary school educator (K-5) and 1 middle school educator (grades 6-8) – who have demonstrated extraordinary accomplishments in STEM/Engineering Design teaching.*
  • Applicants must provide evidence that demonstrates accomplishments in STEM/Engineering Design that go beyond normal classroom teaching.
  • An emphasis is placed on work that is original, innovative, and that integrates multiple STEM areas.
  • Applications are especially encouraged from educators whose work involves student populations that are underrepresented in STEM fields.
  • The judging panel includes: 2 ISTA members, 2 college/university professors, last year’s 2 winners.
  1. Fill out attached Application Cover Sheet.
  2. Be a current member of ISTA at the time of submission (new members are welcome).
  3. Currently work as a classroom teacher.
  4. Describe the extraordinary STEM/Engineering Design accomplishments occurring in your classroom in a written narrative (maximum of 500 words).
  5. Provide evidence that supports the narrative. Examples include: photos of student work, copies of newspaper articles, grant applications and acceptance letters, etc. Please do not exceed more than 3 printed pages of evidence. Evidence will not be returned.
  6. Include a current resume.
  7. Provide 1 letter of support from an individual (colleague, administrator, or university professor) who can attest to the impact of the extraordinary STEM/Engineering accomplishment.
  8. OPTIONAL: Provide 1 letter of support from a parent or student who can attest to the impact of the extraordinary STEM/Engineering accomplishment.

Once the application has been completed, please return it to


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