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WorldScapes® books build academic vocabulary with content-rich informational texts to help engage students in critical thinking and the real world. The six strands of the series focus on Global Issues, History/Biographies, Social Studies/Photo Essays, Math, Language Arts/Fiction, and Science—each with a unique cultural perspective. WorldScapes books offer multiple opportunities for close reading of literary and informational texts. Teacher's Notes provide lessons, activities, graphic organizers, and assessments to support explicit instruction. The series is available in English or Spanish, ranges from Grade 3–8, and is grade banded by reading and interest, as well as by Lexile level.

The WorldScapes® series is a cross-cultural, cross-curricular resource of over 160 high impact fiction and nonfiction books representing 25 countries and regions of the globe. The books provide insight into the lives and customs of children around the world and build understanding of the diverse culture, heritage, and perspective of others.

The six strands in the series introduce students to remarkable places, notable people, and critical global issues through content in: Social Studies (Photo Essay), History (Biography), Science, Math, Language Arts (Literature), and Global Issues. WorldScapes books feature multiple opportunities to practice reading skills with complex text and academic language, build knowledge through content-rich informational and nonfiction text, and to practice writing and close reading grounded in evidence from text.

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Drives Critical Analysis and Deeper Understanding

  • Thought-provoking, themed text for short, focused research projects
  • Provides vocabulary support, text features, and rich illustration and photography
  • Gives students experience examining meaning within text
  • Offers students a unique global perspective
  • Organized by reading and interest grade level, as well as Lexile

WorldScapes® Improves After-School Program

See how WorldScapes, the unique cross-cultural, cross-curricular leveled literacy series from ETA hand2mind, enhances and improves the after-school program at the YMCA Greater Tri-Valley, Inc., in New York, and learn how the right product in the right place can positively impact students' lives. Download the white paper.


Available as bookrooms, classroom libraries, small-group sets, and add-on sets in six strands focusing on Global Issues, History/Biographies, Social Studies/Photo Essays, Math, Language Arts/Fiction, and Science. Bookrooms, libraries, and small-group sets include Teacher's Notes.


Teacher's Notes

Simple, supportive Teacher’s Notes offer lessons, activities, graphic organizers, and assessments for each title. They provide explicit instruction for fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary development. The notes offer ways in which the students can explore the importance of the value, topic, or global issue central to the book. Each Teacher’s Notes includes three reproducible masters for writing and cross-curricular extension activities or assessments.

"The WorldScapes series is a great resource. The books serve a dual purpose, providing an enjoyable way to reinforce skills and to learn about different cultures and ethnicities. My students are more comfortable with themselves and others around them!"

—Lara Negami, Teacher, Aventura, FL

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