Teaching is hard enough. Making sure students retain the content is even harder. Skill practice is essential to deep understanding, but it doesn’t have to be boring drills. VersaTiles does the double duty of helping students practice what they learned while maintaining their interest through puzzle-like play.

Benefits of VersaTiles

  • Engages students with effective hands-on skill practice
  • Allows students to self-monitor with immediate feedback
  • Requires little prep time and no grading 
  • Offers flexibility for individual and small group use
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How VersaTiles Works

Make VersaTiles fun for every learner in four easy steps.

Answer QuestionsAnswer questions
Close and FlipClose and Flip
Match PatternMatch Pattern
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Components & Configurations

VersaTiles Labs - Address essential skills with this classroom-sized configuration. Includes: 25-40 student activity books, 1 Teacher Resource Guide, 5-10 answer case (configuration varies by product). VersaTiles Starter Sets - Support center-based, small group, or individualized instruction. Includes 8 student activity books, 1 Teacher Resource Guide, 1 answer case. Shop now VersaTiles Single Books - Make the most out of your answer case. Select from the wide variety of math, literacy, and science content to build you VersaTiles library. Shop now VersaTiles Answer Cases
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Resources & Samples

VersaTiles VersaTiles VersaTiles

Want to Create Your Own VersaTiles Activity?

Download a blank VersaTiles activity template.

VersaTiles Blank Template


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Why Teachers (and Students) Love VersaTiles

In thousands of classrooms, VersaTiles has been making an impact on student achievement for years.

"My students are actively engaged and self-motivated to learn. Students who thought they were not good in math knew they could make mistakes and had an opportunity to self correct, and they learned from their errors."
—Elizabeth Gamino, Math Specialist, Fresno, CA


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