VersaTiles is a unique skill practice and hands-on learning system that is proven to help teachers meet rising expectations and support standards. It allows students to work individually, in work stations, or as a class to practice essential skills using an innovative answer case that disguises learning as fun. The program covers a wide range of detailed skills and instructional objectives across Math, Language Arts, and Science. Unlike tedious workbooks, VersaTiles provides students the opportunity to persevere and find the answers themselves, making it perfect for differentiation. 


Proven to increase proficiency on high-stakes assessments up to 72%

  • Reinforces important skills and concepts
  • Engages students with the challenge of a puzzle
  • Activities are organized by grade level and subject
  • Gives immediate feedback for self-checking
  • Designed for independent practice, work stations, and the entire class
  • Program allows differentiation and personalized learning

"Our students are showing great gains in overall test scores due to the use of VersaTiles."

—Phillis Dickerson Assistant Principal, Poteau, OK



Available as classroom-sized Labs or self-contained practice Starter Set modules developed by grade or specific skill addressed (i.e., Problem Solving) to ensure you get exactly what you need. Both configurations include a Teacher's Resource Guide and student activity books with answer cases (1 case for Starter Set; 10 cases for Lab).

Teacher’s Resource Guide

Comprehensive, teacher-friendly guide makes putting VersaTiles to work in the classroom easy and allows the teacher to measure the impact from day one. Each guide features classroom management tips, assessment options, student/class record charts, blackline masters, benchmark activities, Scope and Sequence, and eight reproducible Formal Tests with answer keys and correlations to the Student Activity Books.

Student Activity Books with Answer Case

The key to the program, the Student Books provide practice and reinforcement with Standards-based, leveled activities. The activities are solved using the innovative, self-correcting answer cases that allow students to check their work, revise their answers, and persist to solve problems on their own. Activities are designed to cover complete grade-level content or develop fluency with key concepts such as Critical Thinking or Problem Solving.

"My students are actively engaged, and self-motivated to learn. Students who thought they were not good in math knew they could make mistakes and had an opportunity to self correct, and they learned from their errors."

—Elizabeth Gamino, Math Specialist, Fresno, CA


"I really like that VersaTiles is great for all learning styles and can be used in large and small groups with students at all levels. The children feel a real sense of accomplishment and success when using them."

—Pat Bowers, Third Grade Teacher, Fayetteville, TN

How VersaTiles Works

VersaTiles provides you with the flexibility to work with individual students, small groups or the whole class. To get started, use the Scope & Sequence in the Teacher's Resource Guide to select an appropriate activity for each student. Then, give each student an Activity Book and an Answer Case. Each VersaTiles Activity has a title, short, brief instructions, and an objective.

1. Answer Questions

There are 12 numbered questions for each activity. There is also an answer box at the bottom of the page featuring the letters A-L. Inside the Answer Case, you'll notice 12 tiles, each with a number on 1 side and a colored shape on the other.

Go ahead and prepare for the activity by placing your tiles, number side up, in the blank, top-half of the Answer case.

You have now revealed the letters A-L in the bottom half of the Answer Case. These letters correspond to the Answer Box that we looked at on the Student activity page.

With the Answer Case open on the desk, complete each question by placing the tile with the number of the question on top of the letter in the Answer Case that corresponds to the correct answer.

2. Close and Flip

When you’ve answered all 12 questions, close the case and turn it over. Open the case to find a pattern shown on the tiles.

3. Match
Check to see if your pattern matches the Answer Pattern. Students will use this to check their work. If the pattern on the tiles matches the pattern shown on the bottom of the activity page, all of the answers are correct. If not, remove any tiles that do not match, flip over the case again.

4. Learn
Reread the incorrectly answered questions and rethink the solutions. Place the number tiles on the right letters in the Answer Case. Flip it over again. When the patterns in the case and the book match, the activity has been successfully completed!

Just imagine the rush your students will feel, as they experience the satisfaction of immediate positive feedback and reinforcement.

"My students are enthusiastic about using VersaTiles. They like the fact that they can check their own work and can make changes if needed. I have found that the students are scoring higher on standardized tests."

—Lisa Lewellyn, Third Grade Teacher, North Port, FL


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