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Maximize the Value of Manipulatives


Driving The Super Source is ETA hand2mind’s conviction that children construct their own understandings through rich, hands-on mathematical experiences. The Super Source is a series of books, each of which contains a collection of activities to use with a specific manipulative. Complement any core math curriculum with The Super Source Teacher Resource Guides, and corresponding Manipulative Kits and Big Books. Shop Now ►

Build the skills and knowledge outlined by the Standards of Mathematical Practices.

  • Program delivers nearly 500 activities, covering a full spectrum of skills and content, conveniently organized by manipulative and grade band or strand.
  • Hands-on activities model concrete representations of abstract mathematical concepts.
  • Comprehensive teacher support provides in-depth discussions of math content.
  • Resource guides are organized by manipulative or strand based on grade level.

"I have found The Super Source series to be so helpful! These books can be used with many different levels of learners to provide them with strong manipulative understanding. Many connections are made…so no skill is taught in complete isolation. My children are learning and loving it!"

– Rendy King, Title I Teacher, Kill Devil Hills, NC

Get to Know The Super Source Family

Teacher Resource Books

  • Each K–2,3–4, and 5–6 guide focuses on a specific manipulative
  • Books for grades 7–8 are organized by strand using multiple manipulatives

Classroom Kits

  • Includes a Teacher Resource Guide and class set of the corresponding manipulative

K–8 Resource Library

  • Combinations of full book sets by grade level with a Teacher Index and CD-ROM
  • Libraries offered in digital versions

Single User/Site License CD-ROMS

  • Access all books, the Index, and video demonstrations digitally

Big Books

  • Promote the development of early mathematics vocabulary

Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROMS

  • Allow students to interact with virtual manipulatives on the whiteboard while the rest of the class works with hands-on materials.
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View a Sample Lesson

The Super Source activities are easy to use, idea-rich, and written in a teacher-friendly format. See for yourself.

Last Survivor, Grades K–2

In this game for two players, children take turns removing one or two Color Tiles from a group of thirteen tiles in an effort to be the player who takes the last tile. See more.

Nimble Numbers, Grades 34

In this game for two players, students take turns adding longs and units to a pile in an effort to be the one who puts the block that brings the value of the pile to 100. See more.

Crazy Darts, Grades 56

Students design and color a dart board made from Tangram pieces and then find the probability of an object landing on each color. See more.

Tiling Designs, Grades 78

Students use Color Tiles to investigate the perimeters of shapes that have the same area. See more.

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