Reading Rods®

A hands-on approach to build reading and language arts skills

Reading Rods

Reading Rods is an innovative, color-coded, interlocking rod system that makes learning to read and write an engaging, hands-on experience. It allows students to build print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics and word recognition, and fluency using interlocking rods featuring a picture, letter, word part, or word. The Reading Rods teaching method is research-based and designed to supplement any reading/language arts program. The program focuses on literacy skills that help students meet state and national standards in PreK through Grade 6.

Improves Students' Reading Skills and Test Performance

  • Engages students in fun, hands-on activities that promote reading success
  • Uses multiple modalities to help students fully learn spelling/sound patterns
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-use teaching materials
  • Supports differentiated instruction, as well as independent practice
  • Developmentally sequenced kits support all skill levels
  • Supplements any reading/language arts curriculum


Available as classroom-sized kits, small-group sets, libraries, and response kits with specific skill focus (i.e., Simple Sentences) to meet the needs of all your students. Configurations may include Activity Flipbooks and Teacher’s Guide.

Activity Flipbooks

Encourages independent practice and increases self-confidence, the Activity Flipbooks allow students to explore reading and writing with proven hands-on strategies. The activities reinforce key skills while allowing for differentiation and personalization.

Teacher’s Resource Guide

Easy-to-use, comprehensive guide provides instructional strategies to support key skills identified in national and state standards. Each guide features teacher-led hands-on lessons that range from learning print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics and word recognition, and fluency. The guide utilizes Reading Rods in standards-based activities that compliment core instruction.

Research The effects of using Reading Rods.

"The hands-on feature attracted us to this product… [we] have found it provides students with an active way to practice concepts taught and reinforces the letter/sound connection. Our phonic awareness scores for phoneme segmentation were higher than in previous years."

– Barb Churray, Reading First Literacy Coach, Shelby Township, MI

"I have been using Reading Rods Phonics for 5 years and have found it to be very effective with my students. This product catches their attention, actively involves them…and I have witnessed phonetic growth as well as an increase in reading ability."

– Eddie Bazan, Teacher, El Paso, TX

Reading Rods

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