Learning Place® for Families

Hands-on resources for parental and family involvement


Learning Place for Families is a K–2 skill-specific program with take home backpacks that target an essential area of literacy or math instruction. The program allows families to make a home connection through hands-on activities that target specific foundational skills such as patterns, addition, rhyming, and phonics. Each backpack provides all you need for focused hands-on activities and simple strategies to ensure a successful family interaction.

Reinforce specific skills with hands-on activities at home

  • Focuses on an essential area or literacy or math instruction for targeted results
  • Easy-to-use parent materials featuring step-by-step instructions
  • Backpacks are great for a check-out program at school or to build a library at home
  • Activities are fun and engaging, touching on specific reading, writing, or math concepts
  • Provides concrete, hands-on experiences


Skill-specific backpacks by grade in math and literacy feature a parent-friendly Activity Guide, games, and hands-on materials to extend practice to the home.

Parent Activity Guide

Easy-to-use guides build confidence in parents as they work together with children on hands-on activities. It includes simple strategies for active family participation and at-home learning.

"The Learning Place for Families program has opened the door for collaboration among parents and school leaders. Our parents comment on how it helps the entire family join together in the fun."

– Mark Gray, Federal Programs Area Specialist, Columbiana, AL
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