Hands-On Standards® Fractions

Enhance Conceptual Understanding of Fractions in the Classroom


The hands-on lessons in Hands-On Standards®, Fractions were created with differentiated instruction in mind and are available aligned to TEKS or Common Core State Standards. Each lesson clearly defines for the teacher the steps needed to give every student the tools for success.

The fractions solution is supported with digital classroom lessons, a digital strategy-based game, virtual manipulatives, downloadable support pages, and student kits filled with hands-on manipulatives highlighted in the lessons.

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Hands-On Standards, Fractions Teacher Resource Guides follow a standard framework that demonstrate a hands-on exploration using manipulatives
Warm-Up Activity provides the “brains-on” before the “hands-on” learning
Foundational Skill Practice allows differentiating the classroom by practicing prerequisite skills
Guided Practice introduces the lesson in a whole-class setting
Independent Practice reinforces the lesson through self-guided practice
Remediation provides students who need more practice more ways to reinforce concepts
ExplorAction Labs allow teachers to use multiple models
Access to Digital Classroom Lessons that incorporate virtual manipulatives and provide digital support to lessons
Assessments are available online for teachers to monitor progress
Game Play adds variety to small-group practice
Enrichment gives students proficient in a skill practice with a digital strategy-based game

Hands-On Standards, Fractions Small-Group Kits include—

  • Manipulatives for four students working in pairs or as a small group of four
  • VersaTiles® activity books and answer cases
  • Storage tote to easily keep materials packed in centers

Take a sneak-peek at what's inside Hands-On Standards, Fractions. Browse grade-level specific samples that walk through an entire fraction lesson from beginning to end.


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