Hands-On Standards® Fractions

Enhance Conceptual Understanding of Fractions in the Classroom


Hands-On Standards® Fractions

A complete hands-on solution for the instruction of fractions, geared toward teachers who want to help students discover meaning in mathematics. The hands-on fractions lessons are aligned to Common Core State Standards (TEKS Editions available) and were created with differentiated instruction in mind. Each lesson clearly defines resources needed to give every student the tools for success. Each of the manual's lessons demonstrates a hands-on exploration using manipulatives to help students get a physical sense of a concept and "see" the meaning.

Every lesson targets clearly stated Common Core State Standards and outlines vocabulary used in the lesson for ELL support. Each lesson includes

  • Warm-Up Activity that provides the "brains-on" before the "hands-on" learning activity.
  • Foundation Skill Practice allows the teacher to differentiate his or her classroom by addressing the need to practice prerequisite skills.
  • Guided Practice addresses the main lesson content in a small-group setting
  • Independent Practice reinforces the lesson through a self-guided practice using a fun, hands-on activity VersaTiles®
  • Remediation for students who need additional resources are provided to reinforce the concept.
  • Enrichment suggestions that give students who are proficient in the skill a way to practice with an interactive app VersaMate®
  • Interactive Tools digital resources to support lesson, and online Assessments for teachers to monitor progress

Each unit of the book includes Game Play suggestions, which add variety to small-group practice in a game format, and at least one Fractions ExploAction lab, which gives students an opportunity to explore a topic further and allows teachers to address the call of CCSS to use multiple models.


Hands-On Standards, Fractions Small-Group Kits include—

  • Manipulatives for four students working in pairs or as a small group of four
  • VersaTiles® activity books and answer cases
  • Storage tote to easily keep materials packed in centers

Take a sneak-peek at what's inside Hands-On Standards, Fractions. Browse grade-level specific samples that walk through an entire fraction lesson from beginning to end.


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