Hands-On Standards®

Successfully introduce manipulatives in your classroom


Hands-On Standards® uses proven strategies, innovative manipulatives, and hands-on activities to drive genuine understanding of challenging concepts such as fractions or the engineering design process. The program offers teacher-approved, standards-aligned materials that empower teachers and engage students. Step-by-step teacher integrated support and photo-rich instruction make incorporating the materials into lesson planning hassle-free. Real-world connections, remediation, enrichment, and extension opportunities offer student centered hands-on learning, supported by small-group manipulative kits that have everything needed in one place.

Research shows that student learning increases with the use of manipluatives.
Hands-On Standards

  • Lessons build understanding from the concrete to the abstract
  • Utilizes research-based best practices for teaching math with manipulatives
  • Offers step-by-step, teacher-friendly instruction with all-in-one manipulative kits
  • Integrates materials that efficiently and effectively cover standards

Hands-On Standards Fractions (Grades 3–5)

Hands-On Standards Fractions is designed to enhance conceptual understanding of fractions while offering differentiated instruction in the classroom.

Hands-On Standards Math (Grades K–8)

Hands-On Standards Math integrates mathematical practice and content standards into engaging hands-on activities to drive authentic understanding.  

Hands-On Standards Number & Operations 

Hands-On Standards Number & Operations offers easy-to-follow, standards-based lesson plans designed to build number sense and begin laying the foundation for success.

Hands-On Standards Formative Assessment 

Hands-On Standards Formative Assessment for Number & Operations is an easy-to-use assessment kit for teachers who want to monitor student achievement, use data to inform instruction, or pass along data about student performance to next year's teachers.

Hands-On Standards Ready to Teach Mathematics Toolkits 

Hands-On Standards Ready to Teach Toolkits are built for pre-service, beginning, and veteran teachers. These toolkits set the foundation for a deeper understanding of conceptual based learning to maximize student outcomes and help teachers connect to the standards.


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