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Provide concrete representation of math concepts and operations with Cuisenaire Rods

Spark students’ interest in mathematics and help them understand important math concepts as they progress from concrete representation to abstract thinking with Cuisenaire Rods! The rods provide endless opportunities to introduce, investigate, and reinforce key math topics, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, measurement, and more!

How They Work?

Cuisenaire Rods are a versatile collection of rods in 10 color-related sizes, from 1-cm (white) to 10-cm (orange) lengths. When arranged in order of length in a pattern commonly called a “staircase” each rod differs from the next by one centimeter. The rods' different, related lengths provide a continuous model, allowing you to assign a value to one rod and then assign values to the other rods by using the relationships among the rods.


It all started with Georges Cuisenaire...

In 1931, a Belgian teacher named Georges Cuisenaire invented a "keyboard" for numbers, a unique system for helping students grasp abstract math concepts using painted wooden rods of varying length. This predecessor to the classic product known worldwide as Cuisenaire Rods changed mathematics education forever.

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