Build Algebra Understanding Using 3-D Manipulatives

Help students master algebra concepts with a hands-on system that includes powerful instructional resources, three-dimensional manipulatives, and interactive whiteboard technology. By providing both hands-on and visual representations, Algeblocks® takes advantage of the natural link to geometry. The use of Algeblocks spatial models that represent both X and Y variables up to the third power puts the solutions to algebra at students' fingertips!

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What are Algeblocks?

Durable, plastic-molded blocks represent the variables x, x2, x3, y, y2, y3, xy, x2y, and xy2, as well as constants. Sizes of blocks range from 1 cm3 to 4.5 cm3.

Algeblocks include:

  • Teacher’s Resource Guide with step-by-step lessons that save valuable preparation time
  • Interactive whiteboard resources that feature virtual Algeblocks and activities to support multiple learning styles
  • Pre-tests and Post-tests with Answer Keys and Student Summaries to quickly identify skill needs and students' progress 
  • Student Action Plan template that connects needed lessons to the activities to build individualized instructional plans 
  • CD-ROM that includes blackline masters, assessments, interactive whiteboard resources, and more!

Read the Success Stories about Algeblocks

San José State University, Algeblocks Promote Algebraic Understanding

Michigan's EUPISD Recognizes Success with Algeblocks 

Rockford (IL) Partners with ETA/Cuisenaire for Algebra Success

Sample Lessons

Lesson 2-2: Adding Positive and Negative Integers

Lesson 4-2: Multiplying Positive Integers on the Quadrant Map

Lesson 6-1: Modeling Equations on the Sentences Mat



Skill-specific backpacks by grade in math and literacy feature a parent-friendly Activity Guide, games, and hands-on materials to extend practice to the home.

Parent Activity Guide

Easy-to-use guides build confidence in parents as they work together with children on hands-on activities. It includes simple strategies for active family participation and at-home learning.

"The Learning Place for Families program has opened the door for collaboration among parents and school leaders. Our parents comment on how it helps the entire family join together in the fun."

– Mark Gray, Federal Programs Area Specialist, Columbiana, AL

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