Home Team Advantage®

Elevate student achievement by involving families


Home Team Advantage is a series of at-home skill building activities that bridge the gap between classroom and home learning. The program enables parents to help their children succeed in the classroom and beyond with easy-to-use tools that chart progress and disguise learning as fun. It meets Title I requirements for parental involvement, includes parent support materials in both English and Spanish, and offers standards-aligned opportunities for student learning. Home Team Advantage enlists parents as partners in student success with tools to strengthen the retention of key math, reading, and science skills.

Everything parents need for hands-on skill building

  • Flexible, family-friendly program for year-round learning
  • Helps students build skills in a wide range of subjects
  • Establishes a basic home library for continued learning
  • Family guides and calendars make progress tracking and accountability easy
  • Keeps kids sharp throughout the school year and over summer break
  • Parent resources in both English and Spanish

Research shows the most effective forms of parental involvement are those that engage parents in working directly with their children on learning activities at home.

Without skill practice over summer break, students can lose 30% of the knowledge they gained the previous school year.



Program designed as grade-specific cross-curricular school year and summer goal achievement packs, as well as math and literacy skill reinforcing toolkits to fit the needs of every family and student. All configurations include parent guides and/or calendars.

Parent Guide/Calendar

Easy-to-use guide/calendar helps parents get the most out of the hands-on materials while planning around the family's busy schedule. It equips parents with tips, activities, strategies, and ideas for maximizing student skill-building and keeping children engaged. Calendars and check boxes make accountability simple for the family and school. All materials are designed to ensure parents and students are successful and to provide high quality family engagement.


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