ETA hands2mind Recources are FAMIS Approved for NYC's High Standards

Hands-On Resources for NYC's rigorous standards. 

Your search for common core-aligned resources to address the instructional shifts in mathematics and literacy starts and ends with one source! Ordering and implementing ETA hand2mind resources that you love— Hands-On Standards®, VersaTiles®, and Home Team Advantage®— is easy. And better yet, at special discounted pricing just for NYC.

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Your New York City educational consultant Alex Regensburg can help you find the perfect solution for your teaching needs, such as:

  • Supplement your Go Math! and CMP3 Curriculum
  • Make the most out of your classroom manipulatives
  • Build hands-on connection to language and functional standards
  • Increase parental involvement

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Contact your educational consultant Alex Regensburg for FREE sample lessons and a FAMIS Product Catalog.



Supplementing your Go Math! or CMP3 Curriculum


Making the most out of your classroom manipulatives

NEW! Hands-On Standards® Math
Grades K-8 | $54.36
Target specific instructional needs with Common Core-aligned supplemental lessons that integrate hands-on materials effectively into your current curriculum.
Other FAMIS-Approved Editions: Number & Operations (Grades K-5) and Fractions (Grades 3-5)


The Super Source®
Grades K-8 | $22.95
Take your base ten blocks, color tiles, pattern blocks, geoboards, and other manipulatives out of the closet and put them into the hands of your students with Super Source activities! A collection of activities that uses a specific manipulative to help students grasp concepts with greater ease.

Building hands-on connection to language and functional standards


Increasing parental involvement

Reading Rods®
Grades K-3 | Starting at $22.50
These kinesthetic, interlocking picture, letter, word part, and word rods provide targeted, standards-based activities that complement core instruction. Features easy-to-follow lesson plans and step-by-step classroom activity direction.


Home Team Advantage®
Grades PreK-8 | Starting at $27.95
Evaluate student achievement by involving families!
Proven to increase parental involvement for over 89,000 NYC students since 2009!


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