Discovery STEM Camp

Discovery Education STEM Camp Kits

ETA hand2mind is the Exclusive Provider of Discovery Education STEM Camp Kits

The Discovery Education STEM Camp was developed as a five-day summer camp curriculum that can also be adapted for use in after-school settings.

This standards-aligned curriculum provides a series of thematic learning opportunities that maximize a rich combination of hands-on labs, engineering challenges, and digital investigations and includes an intentional focus on STEM careers.

Each of the five days includes:

  • Development of content knowledge using Discovery Education resources (e.g., videos, interactive glossary terms, explorations, and virtual labs)
  • Hands-on activities
  • Engineering challenge
  • Career Connections
  • Mythbusters Snack Break
  • Thematic recess activity
  • Journal reflection
  • Digital project extension activity
  • Take home newsletter for parents/guardians

The STEM Camp materials kits provide many of the materials needed to engage students in the hands-on activities and engineering challenges that are part of the STEM Camp curriculum.

Classroom kits are designed for easy implementation and support six groups of three to five students.

Discovery Education STEM Camp Urban Infrastructure Unit (Grades 6–8)

Explore the engineering principles and design challenges that surround us in everyday life, and help plan for a better tomorrow.
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Discovery Education STEM Camp Water Unit (Grades 6–8)

Discover the amazing properties of water and our role in conserving the planet's most valuable resource.
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Discovery Education STEM Camp Energy Unit (Grades 6–8) 

Investigate how energy works and discover how small bursts of creativity can unlock huge potential for the future.
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