Our Mission

We support teachers, inspire students, engage parents and champion learning by doing.

Make an impact on student learning!

Here at ETA hand2mind we believe children learn best by doing. For over 50 years, teachers and administrators at thousands of schools and districts across the country have relied on our high-quality, hands-on materials to expand their core curriculum.

From math to science to STEM to literacy and from manipulatives to lessons to teacher/parent support materials, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to get students’ hands and mind working together.


Years we have vested teachers in learning


high-quality, hands-on products that empower


hands working for you in our Chicago area HQ

Our Values

Make a Positive Impact

We make a positive impact on the lives of others through our products, services and actions.

Personal Growth

We work to create an inclusive environment where each employee can learn, grow and is respected.


We excel at adapting to ever-changing markets, customer needs, and societal trends.


We take responsibility for our outcomes and learn from our mistakes.


We recognize the benefit of leveraging our collective talents to achieve the best results.

Drive Innovation

We encourage new ideas and drive change.

Join Our Team

If you have a passion for learning, then you have what it takes to join the ETA hand2mind team! As a family-owned business with nearly 100 team members, we’re collaborative, innovative, and team-oriented. We’re proud to make products that truly do make a difference in K-12 students’ lives. Come learn with us!