Hands-On Standards Ready to Teach Prepare teachers for the power of hands-on materials

Engage students in learning by doing no matter where you are in your teaching career

Help pre-service and classroom teachers build their capacity for hands-on teaching strategies with a grab-and-go toolkit of manipulatives, research, virtual tools, and ready-to-use lessons.

Every pre-service, beginning, and veteran teacher looks for new ways to unleash the power of multi-modal, conceptually based, hands-on instruction to engage their students. Whether you’re looking for math manipulatives, new standards-based curriculum resources, or ways to connect with other educators, our resources support:

  • methods classes
  • professional development workshops
  • new teacher success in the field

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Discover the NEW Hands-On Mathematics Toolkits

The new ETA hand2mind Hands-On Mathematics Toolkits provide how-to resources and manipulatives that allow teachers at all levels to explore hands-on materials in their own learning as well as in the process of lesson preparation.

These Ready to Teach toolkits include:

  • Personal collection of popular manipulatives
  • Online access to digital, standards-based lessons
  • Virtual manipulatives to build your own lessons for personal or interactive whiteboard use
  • Resource guide documenting how hands-on instructional methods elevate student learning
  • Sturdy backpack to carry all tools
Hands-On Mathematics Toolkit, Elementary Grades Kit
Hands-On Mathematics Toolkit, Grades k - 9
Hands-On Mathematics Toolkit, Elementary Grades Kit
Hands-On Mathematics Toolkit, Middle Grades Kit

In order to develop every student's mathematical proficiency, leaders and teachers must systematically integrate the use of concrete and virtual manipulatives into classroom instruction at all grade levels.

- National Council of Supervisors
of Mathematics (NCSM)*

*Excerpt from a 2013 position statement by the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics on the use of manipulatives in classroom instruction to improve student achievement.

Hands-On Mathematics Toolkit, Middle Grades Kit

Research Resources

Assisting Students Struggling with Mathematics: Response to Intervention (RtI) for Elementary and Middle Schools

This guide includes a set of concrete actions relating to the use of instructional and study time that are applicable to subjects that demand a great deal of content learning, including social studies, science, and mathematics. The guide was developed with some of the most important principles to emerge from research on learning and memory in mind. Learn more.

Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics

Adding It Up explores how students in pre-K through 8th grade learn mathematics and recommends how teaching, curricula, and teacher education should change to improve mathematics learning during these critical years. Learn more.

How Teaching Matters: Bringing the Classroom Back Into Discussions of Teacher Quality

This Policy Information Report links student achievement in mathematics and science to three aspects of teacher quality: teacher inputs, such as education levels, professional development, and classroom practices. The study finds that classroom practices matter most. Learn more.

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